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Meet Our YA Team


Talented Registered/Certified Instructors

The teachers at YOGActive have collectively spent years practicing yoga, and, as such, have plenty of first-hand experience with the resulting health benefits. But we are not just talented yogis -- we are also passionate instructors. By keeping our certifications current, we ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest developments in health and wellness. This enables us to ensure that our students experience the full range of yoga benefits. With the help of our certified instructors at YOGActive, you'll always be eager to return for yet another class. We encourage you to ask questions before, as well as get instructions about deepening your practice.

Wherever you are currently in your practice, you will be met with a smile and encouragement to help you achieve your personal goals. It's time to leave the anxieties of everyday life behind and tap into your inner yogi!

All Yoga Levels Welcome

Nobody enters the world as an advanced yogi -- we all need to learn the basics of the yoga lifestyle somewhere. At YOGActive, there is absolutely no judgment, as each and every certified instructor understands that students must follow their own path. This spirit of calming and acceptance makes for an ideal setting for nervous beginners. We will guide you through the postures, breathing techniques, and meditations that are a part of each yoga class. You can do as much or as little during one of our classes as you feel comfortable doing.

YOGActive serves as an excellent source for those who have already experienced all the great benefits of yoga and hope to take their practice to the next level. Each certified instructor makes a point of tailoring classes to participants, ensuring that everyone is challenged enough to keep things interesting, but not so much as to cause discouragement. If you are an experienced yogi, we are happy to take you on as a new student and help you on your journey to deepen your personal practice.


FREE yoga classes at Tuttle Park Community Center. Click here for additional details and to pre-register.

We have teaching/subbing opportunities available. Click here for details.

Please join us for a donation-based class on Sunday, November 12th from 4pm to 5pm. Submit the information below to pre-register, or click here to learn more. All proceeds collected will benefit the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation. Read Blue Dragon's story...